Celebration of Harald Martens

personimage_HaraldMaRGBOn the occassion of Harald Martens retirement, there will be a celebration at Nofima today. Current colleges, former colleges, international guests, friends and family have been invited for a symposium in hounour of Harald Martens.

Harald Martens has worked within the field of chemometrics since the beginning in the 70’ties. He has had a great influence of the field, developed his own PLS-algorithm,  written numerous scientific papers, books and lectures. Although he has reached the age of retirement and will end the employment at Nofima, he wil continue his research. He plans to have his basis at NTNU in Trondheim and focus on data modelling methodology that combine measured data and background knowledge, and high-dimensional but low-rank non-linear dynamics, plus a little bit of philosophy of science.

We congratulate Harald with the retirement, and wish him the best for the coming years

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