Available PhD position

PhD position in multivariate data modeling with focus on applications in microbiology

Development and application of multivariate statistical methods is an important field within NOFIMA. Activities within statistics and chemometrics have a particularly strong link to applications in spectroscopy, bioinformatics, sensory science and consumer research. Our activities range from basic research to industry related applications. At the moment, the group consists of 8 scientists and 2 PhD students. Now we want to strengthen the staff with a new PhD candidate. The work will have an emphasis on statistical/chemometric method development and applications within the field of micro-biology. The PhD candidate will be linked to a new research project named “Multi-block methodology for prediction and interpretation”. The PhD work will be done in collaboration with Dept. of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen.

We are seeking individuals with a master degree in statistics, chemometrics, bioinformatics or related areas. Knowledge within the area of microbiology will be considered an advantage, but also other candidates will be considered.

The position will be at Nofima, Ås, Norway, which is located at the campus of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB). We are situated along highway E6 (30 km south of Oslo), and can easily be reached from Oslo by bus, train or car.

Applications must be submitted by 10 April, 2013 at


For further information, contact Professor Tormod Næs (64970100, tormod.naes@nofima.no) or Research director Ragni Ofstad (64970100, ragni.ofstad@nofima.no).