Kasper Knoblauch Christensen has defended his PhD

Kasper Christensen presented his PhD at April 26th.

Title of the thesis is “Detecting ideas in online communities: Utilizing machine learning and text mining for finding ideas in online communities”. The given topic for the trial lecture was ” What is the future of Big Data in Food, Beverage and Personal Products? – A critical perspective.”

In his thesis, Kasper has explored the possibilities of automatic detection of ideas from online communities.by using text mining and machine learning. He also showed that PLS regression in combination with variable selection can be used to identify the words and phrases that define an idea. He used cases from Lego and beer brewing in his work.


  • Professor Knut Kvaal, Faculty of Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
  • Dr. Argic Einar Risvik, Senior Research Scientist, Department of Sensory, Consumer and Innovation, Nofima, Ås, Norway
  • Professor Tormod Næs, Senior Research Scientist, Nofima, Ås, Norway and Department of Food Science, Quality and Technology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dr. Torulf Mollestad, Principal consultant, Altran, Norway, Oslo


Evaluation committee:

  • Dr. Hal Macfie, Visiting Professor, Universities of Reading, Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Professor Per B. Brockhoff, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
  • Associate Professor, Jorge M. Marchetti, Faculty of Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway

Nordic Arctic

Ingrid Måge, Tormod Næs and Kristian Hovde Liland attended the Nordic Arctic workshop in Groningen, in the Netherlands, together with Ulf Geir Indahl from NMBU.

There were several good talks and fruitful discussions by the attendees from Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, spanning a variety of methods and subjects in data analysis.


Kristian Hovde Liland talks about extensions of the ROSA method for multiblock analysis.


Ulf Geir Indahl talks about Tikhonov Regularisation and fast leave-one-out cross-validation.

SSC14- Sardinia

The 14’th Scandinavian Symposium in Chemometrics (SSC14) were held in Chia in Sardinia June 14-17. Some may think this was outside Scandinavia, and although the island has a nice coast and a fantastic nature, they are right. The advantageous of having a conference in Sardinia is, however, nice temparatures, nice beaches, nice temperatures for swimming and last, but at not least nice food and drinks. There were approximately 140 participants.

Participants from Nofima and NMBU were

Kristian Hovde Liland: “Comparing different measurement technologies by considering low-dimensional projections of associated sample data matrices”

Ingunn Berget: «Critical comparison of distance based methods, PCA and multiblock analyses of Polarized Sensory Positioning data” (flash presentation)

Ulf Indahl (NMBU): “Explaining the secrets behind O-PLS and Target Projections to non-experts by elementary linear algebra.”

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CLADAG: Invited lecture


Kristian Hovde Liland was an invited lecturer at CLADAG 2013, the 9’th scientific Meeting of Classification and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Statistical Society. The conference was held in Modena and the lecture was entitled “Variable selection in sequential multi-block analysis”. Tormod Næs was chairman at the conference.

Invited lecture at MARS

MarsOliver Tomic gave an invited lecture on multivariate statistics at the annual Mars Community of Practice, Flavours meeting on 12. of September. This year’s meeting takes place in Chicago at the Wrigley Global Innovation Center and Kendall College from 11. to 13. of September. Oliver was one of five external invited speakers giving 45 minute lectures.

Conference presentations

Several Nofima people participate and and have or will present their work at  SSC13

Harald Martens (invited speaker):

What does my model really do, – how can I improve it and speed it up, – what are its best parameter values, and how sure can I be about all of this?
Harald Martens and Kristin Tøndel

Elena Menichellli:

Investigating individual differences in experimental consumer studies.
Elena Menichelli, Tormod Næs and Jeroen Jansen

Ingunn Berget:

New approaches for consumer segmentation
Ingunn Berget and Tormod Næs

Invited presentation

Harald Martens gave a lecture at the MNT conference 12-13 march in Trondheim. The lecture was entitled “Mathematics on living organisms” About the conference (in Norwegian):  http://www.renatesenteret.no/renatesenteret/mntkonferansen/

Renatesenteret is a national resource center for recruiting young people to education within science. The goal is to strenghten science positions in society and increase the number of applications to science education.