Mini-Arctic 5-6’th November

On November 5’th and 6’th a lunch-to-lunch workshop in chemometrics, statistics and data analysis was held at Nofima, Ås. The workshop was a follow-up on the conference “Arctic Analysis” that was held in Greenland in March 2014. Around twenty people from the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and Norway  were invited. The participants were a mix of experienced and young researchers, but only the “young and promising” had the opportunity to present their work this time.

The program contained a variety of topics, but the majority were related to data fusion/multiblock methodology. The full titles of the presentations are listed below. The workshop was informal, and the small format allowed good and fruitful discussions. A new mini-workshop is planned next year in the Netherlands, before a full “Arctic Analysis” conference the year after.

On Wednesday evening there was a dinner in Oslo, of course in the “Grønland” district at “Olympen”, where we had traditional Norwegian Christmas food: “ribbe” and “riskrem”.

As usually, Solveig (Adm. Coordinator) had organized the practical parts of the workshop in an excellent way.


  • Comparison of structure-revealing data fusion models, Evrim Acar (University of Copenhagen)
  • Procrustes based clustering of multiblock data from projective mapping experiments, Ingunn Berget (Nofima)
  • Variants of Tikhonov Regularization for modelling spectral data, Joakim Skogholt (NMBU)
  • Separating common from distinctive variation, Frans van der Kloet (Leiden University, Netherlands Metabolomics Centre)
  • Analysis of designed experiments with focus on the ANOVA-Target projection approach, Federico Marini ( of Chemistry, University of Rome “La Sapienza”)
  • Classification of plastics containing brominated flame retardant through hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics, Marta Bevilacqua (University of Copenhagen)
  • Multi-set analysis for Multicolour Flow Cytometry: chemometrics for omics analysis of immunology, Jeroen Jansen (Radboud University)
  • A fast opportunistic PLS method for Multiblock data analysis, Kristian Liland (Nofima)
  • SO-NPLS: Sequentially Orthogonalized-Partial Least Squares for multiway arrays, Alessandra Biancolillo (Nofima, University of Copenhagen)
  • How to investigate highly correllated reference data, Åsmund Rinnan (University of Copenhagen(
  • Common an distinct components in data fusion – what does it mean in practice?, Ingrid Måge (Nofima)