Upcoming conferences

Below you we will find relevant conferences for data analytical methods in various fields related to our groups work.


27-29 July, Sensometrics 2016, Brighthon, UK.

11 – 14 September, Seventh European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research. Dijon, France Eurosense

2018: Sensometrics, Montevideo, Uruguay

Seminars 2014

Garmt Dijksterhuis: GPA

12.11.2014 General Procrustes Analysis (GPA)

Øyvind Langsrud: Fifty-Fifty MANOVA and rotation tests

Langsrud, Ø. (2002), 50-50 Multivariate Analysis of Variance for Collinear Responses, The Statistician, 51, 305-317.

Langsrud, Ø. (2005), Rotation Tests, Statistics and Computing, 15, 53-60.

Ulf Indahl: Mathematical properties of PLS1 modelling

Indahl U. 2014. ‘The geometry of PLS1 explained properly: 10 key notes on mathematical properties of and some alternative algorithmic approaches to PLS1 modelling’. Journal of Chemometrics. Vol 28 (3), pp 168-180

Tormod Næs: A bridge between Tucker-1 and Carroll’s generalized canonical analysis

Dahl, T., Næs, T. 2006. A bridge between Tucker-1 and generalized canonical correlation. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Vol 50, No 11, pp 3086-3098

Ingrid Maage: Disco-SCA

Schouteden, M., Van Deun, K., Wilderjans, T. F., & Van Mechelen, I. (2013). Performing DISCO-SCA to search for distinctive and common information in linked data. Behav Res Methods. doi: 10.3758/s13428-013-0374-6

Van Deun, K., Van Mechelen, I., Thorrez, L., Schouteden, M., De Moor, B., van der Werf, M. J., . Kiers, H. A. L. (2012). DISCO-SCA and Properly Applied GSVD as Swinging Methods to Find Common and Distinctive Processes. Plos One, 7(5). doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0037840

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